TED Video: Google Consciousness

On August 7, 2011, in Sociology, Technology, by eCoylogy

TED – In this talk, Social Media strategists and developers Rome Viharo and Maf Lewis reveal the likelihood that Google’s search algorithm may already be sentient, what it means, and what it represents as a metaphor for collective problem solving.

As social media and the internet helped fuel Revolution 2.0, it will also play a role in “Democracy 2.0.”

“Social media will be evolving very quickly to a new form of social administration and discussion that is more likely to produce win-win optimal outcomes for any citizen who chooses to use it. Just like e-mail replaced the letter, we will eventually see social media replace government as we know it today. And government as we know it today will be considered irrelevant.”


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  1. places like Diaspora decentralized social media network will keep our privacy intact unlike Facebook and Google.

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