2011: The Year of NFC (Near Field Communication)

On February 6, 2011, in Technology, by eCoylogy

More and more our phones are becoming who we are, and beginning to become the only interface for interacting with the world. Near-field communication is a low-power technology that beams and receives wireless information from up to four inches away. This will be present in stickers on storefront windows and restaurants as well. The NFC stickers interact with a person’s phone, giving them information about the establishment and also at some point (maybe not right away) giving the merchant information about the person. This technology will enable people to make payments just by waving their phones at an establishment. In the near future you will receive very targeted ads because of technology like this, and merchants will collect info about their clients.

Tableau And Boeing: Visualizing Bird Strike Data

On December 5, 2010, in Technology, by eCoylogy

“Bird strikes to commercial aircraft pose both a financial and safety risk. Safety engineers at Boeing are interested in ways to minimize both. This often involves understanding the most damaging strikes. Anytime an object collides with another object, there is kinetic energy. It follows that this is true when birds strike aircraft. Visualizing the kinetic […]

Dynamic Architecture

On December 5, 2010, in Creative Arts, by eCoylogy

“Imagine if there were fully sustainable buildings that could also change their shape… Check out this architect’s idea of what that would look like. Basically, the buildings would be powered entirely from solar and wind energy. And the move, allowing the inhabitants to have different views, more/less sun…etc.” Dynamic Architecture

Travel: It's Good For You

On December 5, 2010, in Traveling, by eCoylogy

By: Andrew Wade “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine. Travel helps broaden the mind. It is the consequence of travel where the true expansion is achieved. Travel opens a doorway for the individual to seek out new experiences and be open to the […]

The REAL ‘Stuff White People Like’

On October 3, 2010, in Sociology, by eCoylogy

We selected 526,000 OkCupid users at random and divided them into groups by their (self-stated) race. We then took all these people’s profile essays (280 million words in total!) and isolated the words and phrases that made each racial group’s essays statistically distinct from the others.

High Dynamic Range Photos

On September 5, 2010, in Creative Arts, by eCoylogy

An HDR image is commonly made by taking three photos of the same scene, each at different shutter speeds. The result is a bright, medium, and dark photo, based on the amount of light that got through the lens. A software process then combines all the photos to bring details to the shadows and highlights both. This helps to achieve the same task in the final photograph that the human eye can accomplish on the scene.

YouTube Teaching … The Future?

On September 2, 2010, in Sociology, by eCoylogy

Andrew Wade: Working from the comfort of his home, Salman Kahn has made available over fifteen hundred mini-lectures to educate the world. Subjects range from math and physics to finance, biology, and current economics.Kahn Academy amounts to little more than a YouTube channel and one very, very devoted man. He is trying to provide education […]

Google vs. Facebook: Searching vs. Recommendations

On August 27, 2010, in Technology, by eCoylogy

Andrew Wade: This is an interesting blog post about the power of Facebook’s recommendation engine and what some of its implications are, including challenging Google in the realm of how people find stuff on the internet (With Google you have to know what you want and then search for it, with Facebook things are recommended […]

BumpTop: A 3-D Multi-Touch Desktop Program

On August 27, 2010, in Technology, by eCoylogy

“BumpTop is a desktop environment supporting normal behavior of a real-world desk. It is aimed at stylus interaction, making it more suitable for tablet PCs and palmtops.  In BumpTop, documents are described by three-dimensional boxes lying on a virtual desk. The user can position the boxes on the desk using the stylus or mouse. Extensive […]

New Quantum Theory Tries To Replace Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

On August 27, 2010, in Astronomy, by eCoylogy

The theory adds energy as a third factor that can essentially remove ties between space and time, depending on the level of energy. At high energies, space and time are considered more as separate dimensions, going back to Newton’s models of how the two interact (at least that they are separate). However, at lower energies the dimensions are still intertwined, which stays somewhat consistent with Einstein’s ‘Theory of Relativity’. The article goes into more detail about instances and phenomenon where this model is a better fit than Einstein’s. It’ll be interesting to see what types of implications this new quantum gravity theory may have for things like time travel, dark matter and the origin of the universe.