Sweet Teasers Dessert Menu

On September 5, 2010, in Gastronomy, by eCoylogy

Korinne Bull: You don’t have to know me that well to know about my fascination (or borderline obsession) with desserts – it was after all a Nigella Lawson chocolate pie on T.V. that got me interested in cooking at age 11. When creating the Appeteasers Catering menu this past fall I had pages and pages of dessert ideas and agonized over having to edit this list into a manageable size.

It has recently occurred to me that there are other like-stomached souls out there whose idea of a perfect event ends with a smorgasbord of treats, small enough that you can actually try all of them! Alas, Appeteasers Catering would like to introduce Sweet Teasers, a service that will provide a unique touch to any event with a beautiful display of tempting two-bite treats along with fun and interactive dessert stations.
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