It is becoming increasingly apparent that the countries who will be pushing humans far into the 21st century are coming from Asia. For a better understanding of why this is the case, and what this prediction looks like, here is an example of how fast the construction process works in China. The following article is from :

Chinese construction workers have built and finished a 15-story hotel in just six days. Far from being some attempt to make the Guinness Book of Records, this amazing accomplishment was just another week’s work for construction crews working in the new Chinese economy. The Ark Hotel is in the southern-central Chinese city of Changsha, where working around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week is considered quite normal in the building industry. After all, time is money in anybody’s language. Many Chinese workers leave their families behind in country areas to find work in the cities. They find accommodation close to their workplace, whether the job is temporary or permanent. And often the employers provide quarters for their workers, either in nearby apartments, typically for factory workers, or in temporary dormitories like for for construction crews. There was no shoddy construction in the building of the Ark Hotel. No workers were injured, either. Workers are seen in the video wearing the best modern safety harnesses and other protective and safety equipment. The hotel was build to withstand a level 9 Earthquake, its rooms are fully sound-proofed and thermal-insulated, and everything from the lights to the plumbing was built with modules that were built off-site in a factory — with less than 1 percent wastage. The parts were put together at the building site, like some a giant jig-saw puzzle. Here is a time-lapse video (below) from Youtube that shows the Ark Hotel being built in less than a week from a standing start ()