Andrew Wade: Yet another reason Google dominates and is expanding so fast – this is an article about how Google announced free turn-by-turn directions for all Android phones, essentially rendering paid GPS devices useless (actually they’re still useful, just for an unnecessary cost). This is because Android is free. Android OS can be implemented on on-board computers in cars, so it will likely be THE GPS of the very near future.

Here’s the kicker: It’s “less than free” because Google is giving carriers a cut of the ad splits on search if you use Android, meaning THEY PAY YOU to use THEIR OS!!!! As the article says, this is a game-changer. Because of their search dominance and retardedly high ad revenue, they can do this. Personally, I think it’s fucking brilliant and will change marketing strategies across many domains, not just tech. Only problem is, very few companies could do this… at least for now.

However I would say I’m becoming more cautious towards regarding Google as “the light” due to its growing power over information. Let’s hope the company stays in the right hands.

Google’s “Less Than Free” Business Model