Dear family and friends,

We thought that you’d be interested to know that we opened up an online baby supplies store—Baby Don’t Sweat it—at!

In life in general, and with the things for Ocean [our child’s name] in particular, we try to think about the working conditions of people who make the products we purchase. We believe that, when possible, it is better to buy from companies that treat their workers with dignity (and hopefully with good salaries), and that it’s especially important to avoid products that are made in sweatshops… thus the name Baby Don’t Sweat It.

We have learned, though, that it’s really difficult to know the working conditions where things are made. In our own searching, we have spent many hours looking into this, and since we figure there are other people like us out there, we thought that we would make a website that compiled the best baby products that are made in places where we know the workers are not being exploited.

Most of you are probably not looking to buy baby products, but you may know people with similar values who could benefit from this online store. The products are all really good, affordable, and, though it hasn’t been our driving cause, they are all environmentally-friendly too.

Thanks for your on-going love and support,
Leandra and Nelson