Singer/song-writer: Amira Kheir

Sudanese-Italian singer/songwriter Amira Kheir is creating a sound that is inspired by traditional Sudanese singing and instrumentation, and blended with elements of Jazz, Soul, East and West African as well as Middle Eastern music. The result is a unique amalgamation of arrangements that give tasters of Sudan’s rich musical and cultural heritage whilst being reflective of our ever-merging world.

Originally from Sudan but having lived in Italy for many years and now residing in London, Amira draws from her own multicultural background to create music that explores themes of home, belonging and transcendental spirituality. Her music is evocative of Northern Sudan’s desert landscape and celebrative of its ancient culture and multitude realities, but rooted in a compelling call to come together irrespectively of our backgrounds to share our single human journey.

Amira Kheir: For me music has always been a journey of the spirit. I am Sudanese-Italian hence my music is a direct reflection of a multicultural legacy. The North of Sudan, being at the crossroads of Middle Eastern and East/Central African culture has a very particular and ancient musical tradition finding its roots in the Nubian civilisation of my ancestors.

I seek to reconcile these different worlds through music and bridge in someway gaps of communication, knowing that I am but one human experience in a vast array of collective experiences that make up our universe.

This is my attempt to reinterpret a few of many forms of traditional Sudanese singing with contemporary jazz, soul, funk, ska – the prime musical influences in my life.

Thank you for listening & enjoy!

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