Fun Times

Do you want to test out your green thumb but think you don”t have space for a garden?

You”re not alone.

Most of the world”s population is concentrated in urban areas…which aren”t exactly ideal for the traditional garden. Even if you find yourself with little more than a small patch of lawn, or maybe even only a fire escape, you can still start your very own garden.

How? Vertical gardening!

  • Self Watering Vertical Garden
    Low Tech Magazine has a vertical garden idea that involves little more than empty 2 liters and a piece of plywood. Their plans include instructions on how to implement a self watering system into this garden, but that’s completely optional.Thanks to my friend Derek Makham (@DerekMarkham on Twitter) for sharing this one with me.
  • Gardening In An Old Pair of Jeans
    Got some old pants that have outlived their usefulness? Turn them into a vertical garden!
  • Hanging Shoe Organizer Turned Garden
    You don’t really need all of those shoes do you? Donate them to Goodwill and follow Green Upgrader’s instructions to use the hanging shoe organizer as a garden. It’s practically made for such a task!
  • Step It On Up
    Sometimes you just want to get your hands a little dirty. If you’re more of a DIYer, like me, then this stair step-ish vertical garden design from WebEcoist may be your gardening dream come true.

Source: 4 Amazing Vertical Garden Designs